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Table of Contents

Journal of Applied Bioanalysis
ISSN 2405-710X
Vol.1, No.3. July 15, 2015.



Expert Opinion

Wearable electrochemical sensors: innovative tools for the emerging mobile health ecosystem
Eduardo Pinilla-Gil
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.011, Pages 68-71
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Making biosamples compatible with instrumental analysis
Rafael Lucena
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.012, Pages 72-75
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Direct biomarkers to determine alcohol consumption during pregnancy, which one to use?
Sophie Wassenaar, Birgit C.P. Koch
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.013, Pages 76-79
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Research Article

Urine analysis of buprenorphine/norbuprenorphine/naloxone in Drugs and Driving Cases
Albert A. Elian, Jeffery Hackett 
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.014, Pages 80-88
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Quantification of isoniazid, pyrazinamide and ethambutol in serum using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Marieke G.G. Sturkenboom, Henk van der Lijke, Erwin M. Jongedijk, Wim Th. Kok, Ben Greijdanus, Donald R.A. Uges, Jan-Willem C. Alffenaar
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.015, Pages 89-98
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A simple and selective liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for determination of ε-aminocaproic acid in human plasma
Ganesh S. Moorthy, Paul A. Stricker, Athena F. Zuppa 
doi:17.145/jab.15.016, Pages 99-107
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