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Table of Contents

Journal of Applied Bioanalysis
ISNN 2405-710X
Vol.1, No.2. April 15, 2015.



Expert Opinion

Dried blood spot analysis; facing new challenges
Remco A. Koster, Daan J. Touw, Jan-Willem C. Alffenaar
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.007, Pages 38-41
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Can Pharmacometabolomics and LC-HRMS develop a new Concept for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring?
Olof Beck
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.008, Pages 42-45
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Research Article

Sequencing of red wine proanthocyanidins by UHPLC-ESI-Q-ToF
Adéline Delcambre, Yann André, Cédric Saucier
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.009
Pages 46-54
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The relevance of chemical dereplication in microbial natural product screening
Lùcia Carrano and Flavia Marinelli
doi:17.145/jab.15.010, Pages 55-67
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