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Special issue on Current Education in Bioanalytical Chemistry 

Journal of Applied Bioanalysis will be publishing a specially focused issue dedicated to Current Education in Bioanalytical Chemistry.The Journal of Applied Bioanalysis invites the submission of abstracts on topics related to the special issue topic. Abstract proposals will be used to select and invite papers for final review and consideration. Not selected papers for this special issue will be published in a separate regular issue of Journal of Applied Bioanalysis


Guest Editor:

Theo Noij PhD. Avans University of Applied Sciences and Charles River Laboratories, the Netherlands.


Current Education in Bioanalytical Chemistry

In modern society there is a growing need for well-educated and well skilled technical staff. A need for people who understand technical issues and who can think of creative solutions for ever-changing challenges. And for those who love to do so. That certainly holds for the analytical chemistry arena, where new techniques evolve and newly designed molecules scream to be analyzed at the lowest possible concentration and at the same time put high demands on the analytical methods and instrumentation. But analytical chemistry is also the area where numerous hard to fill vacancies exist.

Some 15 years ago, chemistry has received little interest from young people, not in the schools and not for later jobs. We now observe that this situation has changed, and the numbers of new beta-oriented students at universities, colleges and other schools have gradually improved. And they are no longer the traditional “nerds” or “whiz kids”, but rather enthusiastic, interested, social and communicative young professionals.

On the other hand industry, clinical labs, research laboratories and other employers need more and more talented analytical chemists and technicians. And this is expected to be the case for the next several years. So the question is: where do we find them, what do we expect from them and what do we teach them (and how)?

In this special issue of the Journal of Applied Bioanalysis we would like to highlight new developments and insights in the education of (bio)analytical chemistry, not only from a scientific perspective, but also with a broader view, including organization, didactics and strategies. In order to share your successes and pitfalls.

We would welcome the submission of manuscripts for this special issue on Education in (Bio)Analytical Chemistry related to (but not limited to):

  • Instrumental analysis, instrumentation and analytical techniques
  • Chemometrics, Statistics and Design of Experiment
  • Biomolecules, Proteomics, Metabolomics and other "omics"
  • Quality Assurance, Validation and Qualification
  • University strategies
  • In-house Education experiences
  • Software in support of (analytical) education
  • Internships and Graduation Research
  • Growing student’s interest and raising student numbers
  • The roles of universities, coarse and training companies, and self-education

All in the light of education.

Unsolicited manuscript drafts are now being welcomed for this specially focused issue. The first-draft submission deadline is April 1st, 2019. All submitted manuscripts will undergo full independent double blind peer-review.

All content of Journal of Applied Bioanalysis is Open Access, Article Processing Charges (APC) for accepted manuscripts are € 350. APC waive is available, contact the editorial office for more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Manuscripts submitted, however not accepted for publication in this specially focused issue, but meeting all required publication standards of the Journal of Applied Bioanalysis, will be published in a regular journal issue. Author guidelines can be downloaded here. To submit your manuscript, please click this link

 The timeline for this special focused issue is as follows:

  • Manuscript submission opens on:   October 1, 2018.
  • Deadline submission of first drafts:  May 1, 2019.


Open Access Manuscript Fees

All content of Journal of Applied Bioanalysis is free accessible (open access). There are Article Processing Charges (APC) for this special focused issue of € 350


Manuscript submission

First-draft manuscripts have to be submitted via the Manuscript Manager submission and tracking platform. Submit your manuscript here  


Special Issue Editor

TN 96x96

Theo Noij PhD. 
(Charles River Laboratories, Den Bosch, The Netherlands/Avans University of Applied Sciences, Breda, The Netherlands).

Theo Noij is Principal Research Scientist Chemistry at Charles River Laboratories in Den Bosch (NL) and Associate Professor at the Avans University in Breda (NL), in the research area of Analytical Techniques in the Life Sciences. His research includes development of chemical and biomedical analytical assays covering sample preparation, GC, UPLC ICP and MS analysis as well as cell based assays and immunoassay tools. Application areas cover forensic laboratory science, environmental research, biomedical research, toxicology, and food and pharmaceuticals. His expertise also covers laboratory management and quality assurance. Before he joined Charles River in 2004 (as NOTOX at that time), Theo was research manager in chemical water quality and human health at the KWR water research institute. All together he has over 30 years of experience in various roles as analytical chemist and research manager. He obtained his PhD at the Eindhoven University of Technology (NL) under professor Carl Cramers. Theo is chairman of the Working Group on Separation Sciences of the Royal Dutch Chemical Society.

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