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Article Processing Charge (APC)

As with any other open access journal, our journals operate through processing and handling fee received from authors, which is utilised in meeting the maintenance charges of the respective journal (NO EXTRA MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION FEES ARE CHARGED!). The model is pursued in order to present free articles for readers without subscription charges.The corresponding author will receive from the editorial office from respective journal an invoice. The payment has to be received within 15 days after the date of the invoice. Author(s) are required to make the payment once the manuscript is ACCEPTED to be published online in an upcoming issue. Information on the payment will be send to corresponding author in the "acceptance for publication" notification. Late or non-paid invoices will delay the publication of accepted manuscript!  

Article Type Article Processing Charge
Research article, review, editorial etc. EUR (€) 459 excl. VAT*§
Special Issue Articles EUR (€) 359 excl. VAT*

 *only when VAT is applicable
§approx. USD ($) 500 (depending on the daily currency exchange rate)


APC Waive (Full/partial)
A. For scientists with limited financial funds (solely reserved for payment of publication fees) a (partial) waive of APC is possible when he/she can prove this limitation.

B. For low/middle income countries a reduction/waive of the Article Processing Charge is possible.
We use data from the gross national income (GNI) per capita for the previous year defined by the World Bank. Income classifications by GNI per capita are as follows (2014):
Low income: $1,045 (962 euros) or less
Lower middle income: $1,045 (962 euros) to $7,901 (7277 euros)
Upper middle income: $7,901 (7277 euros) to $12,615 (11.619 euros)
High income: $12,746 (11.619 euros) or more.
Exchange rate: 1 euro= 0.92 US$ ( date 31.12.2015)

Use APC Waive Application Form to apply for APC waive or contact the Editorial Office for more information on APC waive (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)




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