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Table of Contents

Journal of Applied Bioanalysis
ISSN 2405-710X
Vol.1, No.1. January 15, 2015.




Welcome from the Journal of Applied Bioanalysis
Roland J.W. Meesters
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.001, Pages 1-2
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Conference Report

Ghent Symposium on Alternative Sampling Strategies in Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Roland J.W. Meesters
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.002, Pages 3-9
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Research Article

Is deproteinization necessary in the determination of human plasmatic steroids by GC/IT-MS/MS analysis?
Antonio F. Toribio-Delgado1, Maria C. Robles-Gil, Marcos Maynar-Mariño,Guillermo Golcina-Camacho, J.I Maynar-Mariño
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.003, Pages 10-18
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Characterization by Tandem Mass Spectrometry of Biologically Active Compounds Produced by Bacillus Strains
Armelle Tosco, Anne Chobelet, Katell Bathany, Jean-Marie Schmitter,Maria C. Urdaci, Corinne Buré
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.004, Pages 19-25.
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A generic sample preparation approach for LC–MS/MS bioanalysis of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in serum applied to Infliximab
Anne J. Kleinnijenhuis, Jan H. Toersche, Frédérique L. van Holthoon, Richard C. Bas, William D. van Dongen
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.005, Pages 26-34.
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Short Communication 

Method Development for Extraction of Butyrylcholinesterase using Protein-G Agarose Spin Columns
Amruta S. Indapurkar, Padmanabhan Eangoor, Jennifer S. Knaack
doi: 10.17145/jab.15.006, Pages 35-37.
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